Who we are

Just Grow Hospitality is a new hospitality sales and marketing management company focusing on small and mid-sized accommodations. Formed by an experienced hotel sales professional with extensive knowledge on revenue management, online marketing and E-Commerce.
Just Grow Hospitality is committed to offer integrated cost effective sales and marketing management solutions to accommodations in order to increase sales and revenue.


Our vision is to be recognized as a successful and valuable cooperator in sales and marketing management for small and mid-sized accommodations in Greece and abroad.
Our goal is provide to our partners high level of services to dramatically improve their sales and revenue, their market share and their online presence which ultimately will lead them to higher profits
We believe in an open, honest and trustful collaboration with our business partners and we aim to build strong long-term partnerships based in mutual respect, trust and honesty.


Just Grow Hospitality is a values driven company.
Although a small company today, the aim is to continue to grow as company with the right hotels in the right markets.
Founded on the pillars of integrity, respect, efficiency, and accountability our values are entrenched in every aspect of our operations. Delivered in daily operational tasks, in marketing and revenue management, in sales direction and in general in every collaboration.

What we do

Marketing Management

With the constant evolution of technology the travel and hospitality marketplace is becoming more competitive, expensive and complicated. Therefore, a unique and unified brand image of an accommodation in all available online distribution and communication channels is necessity.

JG Hospitality is aiming to maximize exposure across online distribution and communication channels and simultaneously reducing the cost of sale and third party commissions and ultimately achieve sales and revenue growth.

Revenue Management

As market conditions change daily, we re-evaluate the variables involved in daily basis in order to move dynamically with the market. We make more informed, data-driven decisions regarding pricing and distribution on daily basis with ultimate goal to maximize revenue. We use past and current performance data and analytics, to evaluate the inventory, the demand, the current market conditions and competition, to identify trends and consumer behaviors.

Sales Management

The Sales together with the Marketing are complete one another and they are the “back bone” of any accommodation. Sale is and will always be priority therefore we are always focus with consistency to deliver an effective sales force. We act as an integrated department for an accommodation to support and implement the marketing and revenue tactics.

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